DC Power Supply


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Keithley meets a broad range of needs with:
General purpose bench and system power supplies that provide an excellent combination of performance, versatility, and ease of use. Get superior accuracy, 0.1mA current measurement resolution, external trigger, and both USB and GPIB interfaces. Have such convenience features as display of both setting values and actual output values, a keypad for fast data entry, and list mode sequence operation.
Battery simulating/fast transient response power supplies designed to test portable, battery-operated products such as smartphones and wireless chipsets, Bluetooth headsets, tablet computers, digital cameras, and GPS receivers. Capture load current pulses as narrow as 50µs and sleep mode currents as low as a few µA. Simulate a discharged battery to test charger control circuitry.
High voltage supplies with outputs up to 10,000V to facilitate high voltage device and material testing, as well as high energy physics experimentation.

850W DC Power Supplies 

  • 850W in 1U, half-rack minimizes test rack size and space used for the test system
  • Separate 15V and 5V outputs for controlling relays and for interfacing with test fixtures and component handlers
  • Isolated analog inputs minimize potential ground loops

Precision Measurement, Low Noise, Programmable DC Power Supplies
  • DMM-quality low current measurements with high resolution
  • Capture load changes that occur at intervals as short as 140μs
  • High resolution TFT display to view and control every parameter of the supply for maximum performance
  • Controlled rise and fall times protect devices under test

360W and 720W Programmable DC Power Supplies 
  • Four models with voltage up to 80V and current up to 72A
  • Programmable rise and fall times prevent device damage
  • Battery simulation capability
  • Extend voltage and current outputs with series and parallel combinations
  • Flexible interface options for automated test
 Programmable Multiple Channel DC Power Supplies with Remote Sensing
  • Dual and triple channel models
  • Two 30V/1.5A channels
  • One 6V/5A channel (on triple channel model)
  • Output a total of 195W of power (2231A)
  • All channels are isolated
  • All channels are programmable
  • USB interface

Programmable Single Channel DC Power Supplies with Remote Sensing
  • Five models with power ranging from 20V to 72V
  • 0.03% basic voltage output
  • 0.05% basic current accuracy
  • 1mV and 0.1mA output and measurement resolution
  • GPIB and USB interfaces

High Voltage DC Power Supplies
  • Allow safe breakdown testing at up to 10kV
  • Optimized for high voltage device and materials testing and high energy physics and materials science research
  • Industry's lowest noise performance for precision sourcing and sensitive measurements
  • Protection module prevents damage to low voltage instrumentation

Battery Simulating DC Power Supplies
  • Optimized for battery-powered device testing
  • Ultra-fast response times to load changes
  • 100nA sensitivity
  • Single and dual channel options
  • Monitor voltage control and power consumption
  • Measure sleep and standby currents

Graphical, Dynamic Battery Simulator and Precision Measurement DC Power Supply
  • Dynamically emulates battery performance from full charge to total discharge using a battery model
  • Battery model includes state of charge, equivalent series resistance, and open circuit voltage
  • Eliminates the need for real batteries during performance testing, greatly reducing test times and improving accuracy and flexibility
  • Maximum output of 20V and 6A
  • Measurement accuracies of 0.02% for voltage and 0.05% for current
  • Current measurement resolution as low as 10nA