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Program Duration:

  • Program Start: Now
  • Program End: September 27, 2019

Program Description:

คุณจะได้รับ Application Bundle ฟรี เมื่อสั่งซื้อออสซิโลสโคปซีรี่ส์  MSO/DPO2000B, MDO3000 และ MDO4000C;


Buy any DPO/MSO2000B (DPO2002B, DPO2012B, DPO2004B, DPO2022B, DPO2014B,DPO2024B, MSO2002B, MSO2012B, MSO2004B, MSO2022B, MSO2014B, MSO2024B), get FREE DPO2BND 


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MSO/DPO2000B Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

Find, Debug and Analyze Faster

  • 4 analog and 16 fully integrated channels, all with 1GS/s sampling rate
  • Find anomalies fast with digital phosphor display (DPO)
  • 125 Trigger combinations and 1 Mpoints with Wave Inspector®controls. Plus: FilterVu reduces noises not glitches
  • Tek VPI probe interface provides wide application coverage

Application Module; Bundle module, including DPO2AUTO, DPO2COMP & DPO2EMBD, for MSO/DPO2000B Series 

MDO3000 Mixed Domain Oscilloscope

A powerful scope is only the start

  • Award-winning oscilloscope with 125 trigger combinations
  • 10 Mpoint record length with Wave Inspector® controls
  •  Base Spectrum Analyzer included
  • Add instruments and functionality as your testing needs evolve

Application Module; Bundle module for MDO3000 Series (Includes MDO3AERO, MDO3AUDIO, MDO3AUTO, MDO3COMP, MDO3EMBD, MDO3FLEX, MDO3LMT, MDO3PWR, MDO3USB) 

MDO4000C Mixed Domain Oscilloscope

Gain unprecedented insight into your design

  • Integrated triggered acquisition system - over 125 trigger combinations in the time AND frequency domains
  • 20 Mpoint record length with Wave Inspector® controls
  • True spectrum analyser hardware enables real spectrum analysis
  • Expandable functionality ensures usefulness well into the future

Application Module; Bundle module for MDO4000 Series (Includes DPO4AERO, DPO4AUDIO, DPO4AUTO, DPO4COMP, DPO4EMBD, DPO4ENET, DPO4LMT, DPO4PWR, DPO4USB, DPO4VID) 

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