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Arbitrary Waveform Generators

The unmatched performance, versatile functionality, outstanding usability, and upgradability make the AWG4000 an affordable waveform generation platform which helps stretch the specifications of your designs to the limit.
Key Features
  • Variable sampling rate range from 100 S/s to 2.5 GS/s, with 14-bitvertical resolution, ensures signal integrity in all aspects
  • Designed for 100% user-conducted upgrades and configurations, all options activated through SW key
    • Optional and upgradable arbitrary waveform memory up to 64 Mpts for each analog channel and 32 Mbit for each digital channel for long waveforms
    • Optional 16-32 channel digital outputs. Purchasing SW option includes the shipment of digital probe accessory.
  • Two operation modes – Basic (DDS AFG mode) and advanced (arbitrary AWG mode), which provide excellent balance between usability and flexibility
  • Dual analog channels and up to 32-bit digital channels, ideal for mixed signal circuit designs
  • Sync-in and Sync-out interfaces enables the synchronization of multiple units in a daisy chain, to extend the number of output channels
  • Digital outputs provide up to 1.25 Gb/s data rate creates high speed digital pattern in parallel
  • One marker output for each analog channel for triggering and synchronization
  • Three software-configurable output paths fit all test cases
    • Direct DAC mode: 750 MHz bandwidth with differential output
    • AC coupled mode: 750 MHz bandwidth with single ended output for RF applications
    • Amplified mode: 5 Vp-p amplitude 400 MHz bandwidth with differential output
  • Full functional sequence with up to 16384 user defined waveforms provides the possibility of generating complex signals with the best memory usage, in the form of loops, jumps, and conditional branches
  • Channel 1 and 2 (together with the corresponding digital output channels) can work independently on different sampling clocks and sequences
  • Direct communication with RFXpress® for easy waveform generation in RF applications
  • Windows based platform with 10.1-in touch screen, front panel buttons, keyboard, and mouse
  • Compact form factor, convenient for bench top and portability
  • Removable hard disk guarantees the security of confidential data
  • USB 3.0 and LAN interfaces for remote control
  • Baseband and Intermediate Frequency modulation for wireless communications and defense electronics
  • Component and circuit characterization and validation
  • Embedded circuit design and test
  • Mixed-signal circuit design and test
  • Clock and system synchronization
  • Replication of real world signals
  • Research
  • General purpose signal generation
Quick Selector
Model Number of Channels Sampling rate Vertical resolution Memory depth
AWG4162 2 analog channels 2.5 GS/s 14-bit 1 M samples