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  1. High Power, 3-Channel Programmable Power Supplies

Series 2230G power supplies provide up to 375 W of power in a compact 2 U high, half-rack wide enclosure. The 2230G-30-6 offers up to 6 A from two channels; the 2230G-60-3 offers up to 60 V from two channels. Adjustable, independent, and isolated channels can test two single voltage devices or a multiple voltage device with one power supply. Combine 30 V channels in series to increase voltage up to 60 V, or connect two or three channels in parallel to output as much as 15 A using the 2230G-30-6.
Choose from one 195 W model and two 375 W models
195 W model has two 30 V, 3 A channels and one 5 V,3 A channel
375 W models have two 30 V, 6 A channels or two 60 V, 3 A channels and one 5 V, 3 A channel
All channels are independently controlled and are isolated to power a wide range of test setups
All channels have remote sensing so the programmed voltage is accurately applied to the load
Set and monitor output voltages with 0.03% basic accuracy and 1 mV resolution
Monitor load current with 0.1% basic accuracy and 1 mA resolution
Low noise, linear regulation with <1 mV rms ripple and noise
Combine channels in series to output as high as 60 V and in parallel with two or three channels to create capacity as high as 15 A (2230G-30-6)
Voltage and current outputs of three channels are displayed simultaneously for immediate observation of each output state
USB, GPIB, and RS-232 interfaces and rear panel connections for automated test convenience
Quick Selector Guide
 Model  Information
2230G-30-3  195W DC Power Supply, 30V, 3A
2230G-30-6  375W DC Power Supply, 30V, 6A
2230G-60-3  375W DC Power Supply, 60V, 3A