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Boundary Scan Testers

Qscan is a bench top Test Equipment with USB connectivity to a host PC / Laptop. It is a IEEE 1149 standard Boundary Scan contoller with Dgital and Analog I/O channels. It can be used to test PCBs populated with JTAG compatible devices through a 5 wire JTAG interface and edge connector channelled to the digital and analog I/O pins of the system. It can perform chain detection, Automatic Interconnection test between JTAG devices using virtual test pin concept and also to the edge connectors using the physical test pins of the system. It can also perform edge connector functional test of the entire PCB through powerful software. User can program the test vector using a graphical test pattern editor for both edge pins and JTAG pins thus testing the entire board including non JATG devices in between them. Anlog I/O option cards can be sued to inject analog signals as well as read analog waveforms in synchrnization with the digital patters. Qscan can also be used to digital devices out of circuit using its vast library and ZIF socket adopter.
Key Features
IEEE Standard JTAG Test system.
32 channel bi-directional I/O pins with programmable drive levels.
Up to 320 digital I/O Channels.
Up to 4 Drive / Sense Analog channels.
Scan Chain Detection.
User code / Device code verification.
Interconnect test.
Board Functional Test.
Test of Non Boundary Scan Devices using JTAG pins of BS devices and edge connector.
Test of Mixed Signal and Analog portion of the board using Digital and Analog channels.
Board Under Test power supply under sofware control.