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PCB ICFT TESTERS - PXI based Micro - Ohm Meter

QT-25PXI is a PXI based Virtual Instrument that can be used to Measure contact resistance of Switches and Relays. It can also detect exact short circuit locations across VCC - GND or a shorted component connected across a Bus and hair-line shorts between PCB tracks.

QT-25PXI offers Offset Mode, where the residual resistance of a shorted component or nodes can be offset digitally, so that the instrument can be used at the higher sensitive range of 200 milli-ohms in order to locate the short.

QT-25PXIis designed to apply a constant current with a stimulus voltage of less than 200 millivolts so as to avoid turning onthe semiconductor devices in the circuit. The system comes with 2 sharp probes to poke through the insulation or solder mask in order to make a good contact.

QT-25PXIuses 4-wire measurement technique for accuracy.

Resistance dependent, modulated frequency audio tone output (whose pitch increases with Decreasing resistance value) is also provided.
Key Features
3U cPCI / PXI Platform for rugged Environment
Hot Swap (Live Insertion / removal)
4 wire resistance measurement
Complimenting modulated audio tone.
Resistance range of 200 milliohms, 2 ohms and 200 ohms.
100 micro ohm resolution in 200 milli ohm range.
Offset offset capability upto 200 ohms.