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AC Power Source


CS Series

Feature :
Precision Current Source : Ideally suited for current protection device testing
Single and Three Phase Modes : Built-in phase mode switch makes output configuration easy
3kVA to 18kVA Power Levels : Match power source & cost to application requirements
Arbitrary Waveform Generator : Test products using real world current profiles including harmonic currents
Built-In Power Analyzer : Performs voltage & current harmonic analysis & waveform acquisition
Standard IEEE-448, USB and RS232C : Remote control interface for ATE system integration
GUI Software Suite: Allows users to access the powerful features & functions of the instrument on a Windows system
Programmable Transients : Amplitude & time control with up to 1ms resolution
Precise evaluation of circuit breakers overload relays
Bi-metal temperature sensors and heating elements
Non-destructive testing of fuses
Life testing and continuity checking of harnesses and connectors
Electro-plating at frequencies other than 50 or 60 Hz
Calibration of current clamps, watt-hour meters, current probes
Transformer and inductor testing
Series  CS Series
Voltage (V) 0-270V
Current (A) 44.44A - 177.77A
Power (VA) 3kVA - 18kVA
Phase Input (ø) 1-Phase/3-Phase
Phase Output (ø) 1-Phase/3-Phase