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AC Power Source


CSW Series

Feature :
Combination AC and DC Power Source
2Hz-7,990Hz Output Frequencies
Arbitrary and Harmonic Waveform Generation
Built-In Digital Power Analyzer
Scope Capture Capability
Power Programming Software
Constant Power Mode
Multi-Box Option
Telecommunications and commercial electronics requiring low profile
Testing for real world power conditions using different waveforms on all 3 phases (including DC)
Load susceptibility testing with sequence or event programming and multiple voltage harmonics
Power line disturbance simulation testing
MIL-STD-704, DO-160, B787 and ABD100 avionics testing
Power supply testing for AC-DC, DC-DC converters and UPSs
Transients on 12 & 24 VDC for automotive applications
Series  CSW Series
Voltage (V) 156V - 312V
Current (A) 8A - 288A
Power (VA) 5.5 kVA - 33.3 kVA
Phase Input (ø) 3-Phase
Phase Output (ø) 1-Phase/3-Phase