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AC Power Source


CTS Series 3.2

Feature :
Complete Test Solutions Complete test solutions for emissions and immunity compliance testing of AC and DC powered products
Single & Three Phase Operation Offers flexibility
Direct PC Bus Access Provides high sampling rate and resolution for accurate measurements and high speed data transfers
PC based harmonic & flicker testing provides real-time full color data display updates and continuous PASS/FAIL monitoring.
Supports Global Standards Supports European and Japanese standards
Easy To Use Interface Provides IEC test setup, data analysis, display, MS Word test reports, and data files are generated in MS Excel format
High resolution Data storage to disk in for post-acquisition analysis and reporting
Single Step Single Step and Fast Forward replay of recorded test data
IEC Compliance Test Systems
EN 61000-3-2 Harmonics (A14)
EN 61000-3-3 Flicker
EN 61000-4-11 Voltage Dips and Interruptions (EOS Option - ED2.0)
EN 61000-4-13 Harmonics and Inter-harmonics (requires option -413)
EN 6100-4-17 DC Ripple
EN 61000-4-14 Voltage Fluctuations
EN 61000-4-28 Frequency Variations
EN 61000-4-29 DC Dips and Interruptions (Pre-compliance)
Series  CTS Series 3.2
Voltage (V) 150 - 300 V
Current (A) 0 - 37 A
Power (VA) 1250 - 15000VA
Phase Input (ø) 1-Phase/3-Phase
Phase Output (ø) 1-Phase/3-Phase