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Video Signal Generators

The SPG600 and SPG300 Sync Pulse Generators provide synchronization and test signals for both traditional analog and mixed digital and analog facilities, in both NTSC/525 and PAL/625 environments. These products are ideal as a stable master sync signal, which is critical in digital broadcast environments. When the SPG600/SPG300 is configured for Stay GenLock mode, a momentary loss of synchronization at the genlock reference input will not cause a disturbance in the unit's test signal and black outputs. When the genlock signal is reapplied the SPG system will gradually reacquire lock, causing little disruption in the outputs of the device, and will not cause any noticeable glitches in the outputs of the SPG. The Genlock source can be NTSC/PAL Black Burst, NTSC/PAL Sync, or CW. When using CW lock, the Genlock timing can be adjusted on all the NTSC or PAL color frames.
Features & Benefits
  • Two models, SPG600 (full rack width) and SPG300 (half rack width), which provide all of the conventional video and audio signals that you need in one unit, Analog Black-burst/Test Signal, SD-SDI Black-burst/Test Signal, AES/EBU Digital and Analog Audio Signal
  • Stay GenLock – Unique, robust Genlock mode provides stable synchronization signals, for digital and traditional broadcast facilities
  • All analog and SD-SDI signal output channels are configurable with selection of black-burst or test signal outputs
  • SNMP and Web remote control makes it easy to integrate the units into any operational environment
  • Choose between two form factors; Full rack width – SPG600, or Half rack width – SPG300
  • Optional fine timing offset feature for analog video outputs – SPG600/SPG300 Option 01
  • Up to 8 optional Analog Black-burst/Test Signal outputs with independent timing offset – SPG600 Option 02
  • Up to 4 optional SD-SDI Black/Test Signal outputs with independent timing adjustment – SPG600 Option 03
  • Broadcast master sync generator
  • Unique and robust Genlock – Stay GenLock
  • Genlock to house master sync