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Picture Quality Analyzer

The PQA600B (PQA) is the latest-generation Picture Quality Analyzer built on the Emmy Award winning Tektronix PQA200/300. Based on the concepts of the human vision system, the PQA provides a suite of repeatable, objective quality measurements that closely correspond with subjective human visual assessment. These measurements provide valuable information to engineers working to optimize video compression and recovery, and maintaining a level of common carrier and distribution transmission service to clients and viewers.
Key Features
  • Fast, accurate, repeatable, and objective picture quality measurement (Option BAS)
  • Predicts DMOS (Differential Mean Opinion Score) based on Human Vision System Model (Option BAS)
  • SD/HD/3G SDI, HDMI compliant with HDCP interface 2-channel capture and 2-channel generation with Swap-channel / Side by Side / Wipe display on all video formats except 1080p 50/59/60 formats
  • Real time up / down conversion at generation / capture with SDI/HDMI interface for testing the instrument with up / down conversion process
  • IP interface supporting IGMP for simultaneous generation and capture
  • IP Interface with simultaneous 2-channel generation / capture with IGMP support for multicast streams (Option IP)
  • Picture quality measurements can be made on a variety of UHDTV1/4K formats (3840×2160, 4096×2160), HD video formats (1080p, 1080i, 720p) and SD video formats (525i or 625i) (Option BAS)
  • User-configurable viewing condition and display models for reference and comparison (Option ADV)
  • Attention/artifact weighted measurement (Option ADV)
  • Region Of Interest (ROI) on measurement execution and review (Option BAS)
  • Automatic temporal and spatial alignment (Option BAS)
  • Embedded reference decoder (Option BAS)
  • Easy regression testing and automation using XML scripting with "export/import" file from GUI (Option ADV)
  • Multiple results view options (Option BAS)
  • Preinstalled sample reference and test sequences
  • Wide variety of file format support including YUV 4:2:0 planar 10 bit, which is in the uncompressed file generated by the Tektronix MTS4EAV7 analyzer when decoding a HEVC Main 10 profile stream
  • CODEC design, optimization, and verification
  • Conformance testing, transmission equipment, and system evaluation
  • Digital video mastering
  • Video compression services
  • Digital consumer product development and manufacturing