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The MTS4000 MPEG Test System provides comprehensive MPEG transport streams analysis and interoperability testing. Its deep analysis of the transport streams, PES, and elementary streams helps track down sources of picture anomalies and identify transport streams with syntax errors. Its ability to capture events for deep analysis is also critical to identifying the root cause of problems. The optional Quality of Experience (QoE) analysis tool shortens the time to find the root cause of problems by identifying impairments and artifacts that can be traced directly to network issues.
Key Features
  • Industrys fastest analysis engine enables reduced time to insight, rapid development, evaluation, deployment, and diagnostics of next-generation DTV and IPTV systems and services
  • A wide range of DTV standards are supported, including MPEG, DVB, ATSC, ISDB, and ISDB-TB (Brazil); specific SI for terrestrial, cable, and satellite, plus regional variations of these standards are also supported
  • Range of interfaces and analysis capabilities provide the necessary connectivity to diagnose problems anywhere in the network environment, whether that be transmission links (RF or IP layer) or content processing (TS layer)
  • Connect to both IP version 4 and 6 networks, including those using IGMP and MLD multicast protocols respectively
  • Analyze both constant and variable bit rate streams (CBR and VBR) 1
  • Integrated cross-layer fault analysis and logging provides a one-box solution for fault diagnosis, reducing time to insight when troubleshooting
  • Playout functionality provides stimulus with parametric capabilities and IP multisession replication to characterize behavior of network or Device Under Test (DUT)
  • CaptureVu technology captures and analyzes system events in real time and deferred time to debug the intermittent and complex problems that traditional analyzers miss
  • Innovative program-centric user interface brings expert power to the novice user
  • H.264 buffer analysis, multiplexing, and ES compliance checking provide the most powerful suite of tools for the creation and analysis of transport streams containing H.264 content
  • Video and audio quality analysis that helps distinguish between impairments resulting from network distribution versus artifacts resulting from compression
Equipment manufacturers – research & development
  • CaptureVu technology allows rapid isolation and debugging of equipment and system faults
  • High-performance line rate Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) IP connectivity and integrated cross-layer analysis enable diagnosis of complex timing problems in video over IP and IPTV network equipment
  • Multiplexer/Remultiplexer allows flexible test stream creation and modification
  • Rapid and in-depth analysis of selected elements of transport streams to confirm functionality and compliance to standards
  • Set-top box buffer testing and verification
  • Elementary stream analysis option for codec design and optimization
  • High-accuracy picture quality analysis based upon the Human Vision Model for device design optimization and fault diagnosis
Equipment manufacturers – manufacturing test
  • Tclips Test Streams together with the Multiplexer/Remultiplexer allows custom test stream creation and editing for fast and flexible equipment stress testing
  • Stream playout and recording provides a repeatable test source with seamless looping and continuous time-stamping for test and alignment of STBs, IRDs, and modulators
  • Multiport ASI and IP interfaces allow multiple devices to be tested simultaneously
  • Duplex operation allows end-to-end testing of system network elements
Broadcaster and network operator engineering
  • RF and IP connectivity and analysis provide a single-box solution for broadcast system troubleshooting at any point in the network
  • Integrated cross-layer fault analysis and logging for network fault diagnosis reduces time to insight when troubleshooting and removes the need for additional IP- or RF-specific diagnostic equipment
  • CaptureVu technology allows for the isolation of intermittent network problems that other analyzers are not capable of isolating
  • Video and audio quality analysis that helps distinguish between impairments resulting from network distribution versus artifacts resulting from compression
  • Elementary stream compliance option for evaluating different vendors compression equipment and diagnosing faults