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MPEG Transport Stream and IP Video Analyzer

The MTS4SAV3 Transport Stream and IP Video Analyzer is a new class of analysis tool, the worlds first compressed digital video debugger/analyzer that includes Tektronix CaptureVu technology, a capability that captures and analyzes system events in real time to debug the intermittent and complex problems that traditional analyzers miss.
Key Features
  • The MTS4SAV3 software runs on computers with the Microsoft Windows 7, 64-bit operating system
  • Separate packages are available for deferred-time transport stream compliance analysis, real-time video over IP transport stream compliance analysis, transport stream multiplexing, elementary stream analysis, PES and buffer analysis, data broadcast carousel analysis, and data broadcast carousel generation
  • The industry's fastest analysis engine enables reduced time to insight, rapid development, evaluation, deployment, and diagnostics of next-generation DTV and IPTV systems and services
  • Both transport stream compliance analyzer packages offer the CaptureVu technology and PCR measurement and graphing capabilities. CaptureVu technology captures and analyzes system events in real time (IP only) and deferred time to debug the intermittent and complex problems that traditional analyzers miss
  • Innovative program-centric user interface brings expert power to the novice user
  • Broadest and deepest range of analysis for legacy and next-generation compressed standards including MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264, H.265/HEVC, and VC-1 
  • H.264 thumbnail decode, buffer analysis, and multiplexing provide the most powerful suite of tools for creation and analysis of transport streams containing H.264 content, supporting the needs of customers transitioning from MPEG-2 to H.264 technologies
  • Customizable scripting supports the broadest range of ratified and evolving worldwide DTV standards
  • Equipment manufacturers - research and development
    • CaptureVu technology allows rapid isolation and debugging of equipment and system faults
    • Multiplexer/remultiplexer allows flexible test stream creation and modification
    • Rapid and in-depth analysis of selected elements of transport streams to confirm functionality and compliance to standards
    • Set-top box buffer testing and verification
    • Elementary stream analysis for codec design and optimization
  • Equipment manufacturers – manufacturing test
    • Equipment test is simplified and faster with CaptureVu and the high-speed analysis engine of the MTS4SAV3 analyzer
    • Multiplexer/remultiplexer allows custom test stream creation for fast and flexible equipment stress testing
  • Broadcasters and network operators
    • CaptureVu technology allows isolation of intermittent network problems that other analyzers are not capable of isolating
    • Tests contribution feeds or encoder outputs, multiplexer inputs/outputs (IP only), and IP encapsulators
    • Tests PCR insertion, recovery, and regeneration equipment (IP only)
    • Encoder and other equipment fault diagnosis and evaluation (IP only)
    • Analysis of transport streams to confirm correct system operation and isolate faults during installation and commissioning