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Aurora 5

Automated File-based QC Software

Analyze Faster, Analyzer More
Aurora 5 is the next generation of automated file-based QC product that represents a significant leap forward for file-based quality control, moving it significantly ahead of other products in its class in a number of important areas:
  • Unparalleled, Scalable Speed
  • 4K Production Capable
  • Enhanced Adaptive Bit Rate Support
  • 8x Faster Manual Review
  • Configurable Automated Workflows
  • QC Report Analytics
QC Test Speed
The unique Aurora 5 architecture and advanced use of both CPUs and GPUs ensures concurrent analysis of more file types at faster speeds than alternative solutions. Aurora is available with configurable CPU allocation and 3 levels of product for different grades of hardware utilization, providing an upgrade path for increased performance in the future. QC test speeds are codec dependent and vary with the specification of the hardware platform on which Aurora operates, but here is a guideline based on the use of hardware that meets the Tektronix recommended hardware specification:
  • Aurora 5 Standard: Our entry level Aurora 5 Standard file-based QC platform enables up to 2x CPU cores to be allocated to each Aurora Verification Unit (VU). The resulting performance enables throughput of up to 3 times faster than real time for HD files
  • Aurora 5 Professional:  Our flagship Aurora 5 Professional QC platform can utilize up to 8x CPU cores per Verification Unit and provides support from up to 2 GPUs. A full hardware configured Aurora 5 can analyze 4K files at faster than real time (2x real time for 4K JPEG 2000) and up to 6x real time for HD files. The GPU accelerated configuration also supports perception-based video artifact testing.
  • Aurora 5 Professional VU Plus: The Aurora 5 Professional Plus QC platform enables up to 16 CPU cores to be dedicated to each Verification Unit and will access high numbers of GPU cores for accelerated testing. The analysis speed is dependent on the hardware configuration.
QC Tests Supported
Aurora 5 has the most complete and advanced set of tests that can perform at unrivalled speed and with a high accuracy. Our focus on minimizing false positives and a high degree of correlation to human perception means that our test reports highlight just the issues you need to address. As of April 2015 Aurora 5 offers the following tests:
  • Video Essence Tests: Aurora 5 video essence tests include Macroblock Noise, Up-conversion, Comb Artifacts, Field Order Swaps, Tape/Digital Hits, Perceptual & Film Artifacts, Black/Freeze Frames, Letterboxing/Pillarboxing, Color Bars, PSE/Flash Detection (Harding FPA), and Cadence Change.
  • Audio Essence Tests: Silence, Drop-outs, Peaks (dBTP, PPM, dBFS), Average Levels (R128, ATSC, ARIB), Clipping, Snaps/Clicks/Pops, Test Tones, Phase Swaps and Hiss/Hum. Use Audio Service Map to process AES wrapped tracks or have mono channel audio essence tracks tested together.
  • Metadata Tests: Container Syntax, Video Essence Syntax, Dolby Audio Syntax, Dolby E Guard Band Alignment, Caption Syntax, Container Essence Contents, Cross-Check Container-Essence, Rude Word Detection in Text, Start Timecode, Timecode Discontinuity, Video Resolution and Run-times.
  • Fast DPP AS-11 Testing: The Tektronix DPP AS-11 packages bring together the unrivalled scalable speed of Aurora 5 with specialist functionality required for testing for AS-11 standard compliance. Two packages are available – one for testing a single file at a time, and another for testing 4 files simultaneously.
  • AS-11 SHIM Analysis: Our AMWA Analysis plugin uses advanced software from our partner MetaGlue to test for the specific AS-11 metadata structure. We also include an instance of our Hydra Player in each package, enabling you to frame accurately review the file, add notes and take manual QC decisions - all of which are added to the QC test report.
  • PSE Detection Options: To perform photosensitive epilepsy detection and reporting required by AS-11 we offer the choice of using our own Tektronix PSE Testing plugin (included as standard) or optionally using our Harding FPA plugin that includes software from our partner Cambridge Research.
  • Automated Workflows: The Aurora 5 DPP AS-11 packages have built-in functionality to support automated workflows. Smart Test Plans can be configured to only apply the AS-11 tests to specific files based on the file attributes. A Decision Engine can be configured to implement different actions based on the AS-11 test results, such as moving files to different locations, and/or sending emails, and/or taking corrective actions.
  • Systems Integration: The Aurora 5 DPP packages include our SOAP API that enables third party solutions to natively integrate this AS-11 compliance testing functionality into their solution workflows. Third party solution providers can use watch folders and the above built-in Aurora workflow functionality, or can implement higher value workflows using the Aurora API.