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Fiber Guardian - FTTx/PON (Point-to-multipoint)

The first practical FTTx line quality assessment solution from the node.
Key Features
  • Remotely control fiber line quality, length(s) and connectivity in link certification, drop-cable installation and service activation with xed test equipment
  • Using EXFO's Link-Aware technology, conduct PON or P2P ber line testing with the power of an OTDR without the skill sets required–then turn it into a troubleshooting and monitoring tool
  • Measure end-to-end ber attenuation at 1650 nm with a traceable test method using a reective lter in the eld and test equipment at the node
  • Monitor up to a demarcation point (e.g., customer premises terminal) independent from PON equipment
  • Measure short- and long-term link degradation with higher resolution and larger dynamic range than with
  • PON equipment
  • Detect and localize ber fault at 1625 nm comparing past to current situations in a fully automated way
  • Interface it to any management system using an open and fully documented resource-based web-services
  • architecture that uses HTTP and XML (REST)