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​PCI Express Card

PCI Express Card
DekTec's extensive portfolio of PCI Express cards provides key I/O and processing functions for digital TV signals carried on any medium: IP, ASI, SDI or RF modulated.

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DTA-2107 Multi-standard satellite modulator
DTA-2111 Multi-standard cable/terrestrial modulator
DTA-2115B – All-standard VHF/UHF/L-band modulator
DTA-2136 – Dual QAM-A/B/C receiver   
DTA-2137C – Satellite receiver  
DTA-2138B – Single-channel cable/terrestrial receiver
DTA-2139B – Twelve-channel cable/terrestrial receiver
DTA-2144B Quad ASI/SD-SDI ports
DTA-2145 ASI/SD-SDI input+output with relay bypass
DTA-2160 GigE and 3x ASI ports
DTA-2162 Dual GigE ports
DTA-2172 Dual 3G-SDI/ASI ports
DTA-2174B Quad 3G-SDI/ASI ports (1x12G)
DTA-2175 HD-SDI/ASI input+output with relay bypass
DTA-2179 Twelve 3G-SDI/ASI ports
DTA-2195 12G-SDI input+output with HDMI 2.0