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DAB Test Generator

Paneda DAB Test Generator
The Paneda DAB generator is a cost efficient way to generate a DAB signal for different needs. The PDG is a complete system without any needs of knowledge. You will be on-air in seconds using 4 simple steps, download a ETI file, Store the ETI file on a USB stick, insert the USB stick into the PDG, on the air! The PDG detects the USB and ETI file and will instantly start playing the ETI file as RF output. ETI files can be downloaded from (members only) but most manufactures of DAB systems provide test files. Paneda also offers customized ETI files on request. As an option, the Paneda DAB Generator also support standardized EDI as output.

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Key applications:
The Paneda DAB generator is the world first all-in-one unit for creating a complete DAB RF signal in one single box. The PDG read ETI files from a USB stick and play these as RF. EDI as output is supported as an option. Paneda can provide customized ETI files on request.
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