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Paneda Monitoring

• Entire MSC (main service channel) contents recorded
• Receiver spectrum display, signal quality indicator and uncorrected error counter
• Decodes legacy MP2 as well as HE-AAC v2 audio compression
• Displays DLS text, MOT slides and EPG 
• Live monitoring of audio and data on logger unit or remotely
• Selectable carrier and audio failure alarms
• SNMP (option)

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The 1U Paneda HW is a fully featured embedded computer hardware including dual power supply, dual hot swappable hard drives in RAID1 and dual gigabit network interfaces.
  • The user interface can be accessed locally directly on the hardware or using the remote software for showing and decode audio/data LIVE or from the recorded stream database.
    The Paneda hard disc logger records the entire contents of the DAB ensemble from RF and decoding occurs during playback, showing DLS text, MOT slide shows, broadcast websites and electronic programme guides along with the audio.
DAB/DAB+ radio capture:
  • The Paneda PMON logger support 2 individual ensembles simultaneous. The user
    interface can be used either locally or installed at a number of remote clients. The RF spectrum is stored on discs and can be replayed LIVE or a selection in time using the calendar function. Any selection can be extracted and exported as audio or AVI files including metadata such as text and pictures. The systems supports SNMP and text files for alarm indication, also supporting silence detect on individually defined services.