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TYPE-81C direct core monitoring fusion splicer was developed on the basis of the concept of "ultra fast splicing in every environment." While compact, lightweight, rugged and durable, the TYPE-81C is capable of the fastest splice cycle time. Its touch screen display and remote support via internet enhance user friendliness, making the splicer simple and versatile. TYPE-81C has dual independent heaters to reduce splice cycle time. TYPE-81C marks the new standard for fusion splicers. 

Fusion Splicer TYPE-81C Key Features and Benefits 
Direct Core Monitoring Fusion Splicer TYPE-81C
Ultra fast splicing in every environment


Key Features
Compact, Lightweight and Ultra fast
-    Downsized by 43% from conventional model
-    2.1 kg weight with battery
-    Ultra fast splicing (7 sec.)
-    Ultra fast heating (28 sec.)
-    G.657 fiber auto-splice function

Duurable & Rugged
-    IP52 rating and 76cm drop on 5 faces

Simple & Versatile
-    Touch-screen operation
-    Universal clamps for 250μm, 900m tight & loose buffer fiber (Patent Pending)
-    Supports bi-directional splicing operation/ Reversible coating clamps (Patent pending)

Remote support via internet
-    Upgrades software via internet
-    Remote interactive maintenance via internet
Product details