Introducing the NEW 5 Series B MSO



Built on performance and integrity that engineers rely on, the
new 5 Series B MSO includes customer-centric updates led by a new auxiliary trigger input that lets users synchronize the oscilloscope to an external signal without consuming any of the full-capability input channels.

With numerous enhancements, the new 5 Series B MSO delivers even more versatility while continuing to provide high-fidelity waveforms, unique spectrum analysis capabilities and flexible signal access appreciated by engineers around the world.

Key updates include: 

  • A new, brighter display provides greater clarity, showcasing waveform detail from the instrument’s 12-bit ADCs.
  • History Mode leverages the 5 Series B MSO’s extended memory, allowing users to capture thousands of triggered events and easily review them to find events of interest.
  • Solid State Drive System ensures all user data is stored on a removable drive. For secure labs where measurement data integrity is mission critical.
  • Optional 100 MHz built-in arbitrary/function generator for frequency response analysis and general-purpose use.

The B version updates the original 5 Series MSO, which excited the engineers with its big display and state-of-the-art intuitive touchscreen user interface. It offers advanced measurements that teams can use almost anywhere with TekDrive and TekScope.

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With numerous enhancements and  great protection plan, request a demo of the new 5 Series B MSO today!