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Centralized Server Solution for P2P Applications

Key Features
  • One-click automatic provisioning capabilities
  • Web-based element management system (EMS) and remote test unit (RTU)
  • 24/7 detection, location and tracking of fiber degradations
  • Unique RFTS test method for reference data management
  • Comprehensive monitoring and reporting capabilities
  • Fault-on-map feature with GIS-based network documentation (optional)
A Straightforward Approach
A Straightforward Approach to Network Operation and Maintenance
Managing your cable and fiber network is a full-time concern. By running remote test units (RTUs) deployed at key locations across the network, EXFOs NQMSfiberNetwork Quality Monitoring System is the ideal monitoring solution.
Featuring sophisticated functions such as alarm management and reporting, trouble-ticket handling and complete network status schematic viewing, the NQMSfiberenables you to integrate all your network operation and maintenance activities into your existing network management systems. NQMSfiber also provide network documentation based on GIS for mapping of the as-built and fault-on-map feature.
The New Standard
The New Standard in Fiber Monitoring Measurement
Based on EXFOs Most Recent OTDRs
The NQMSfiber RTUs support EXFOs FTB-7000 OTDR series D and E modules, which provide high-resolution and accurate loss measurements in short and long fiber environments respectively. All RTUs have one-meter resolution scans for resolving closely-spaced events such as connectors or mechanical splices in an access site.

Learning Function
Get the most out of your system, thanks to EXFOs innovative RFTS function called Learning, which automatically establishes and optimizes fault-detection thresholds across full dynamic range. By setting a default set of target thresholds and learning schedule, long optimization hours will be history.

Peak-Level Monitoring Function
Insert a stable or reproducible reflecting element and use it as a demarcation point. The reference level of this point can then be monitored at a much faster rate than the fiber backscatter level. This function also provides a wider monitoring range than a standard Rayleigh backscattering signalperfect for ultra-long-haul networks where fiber ends may not be seen.

One Reference: Thats All You Need
The combined benefits of best-in-class OTDRs, learning function and peak-level monitoring provide powerful, fast and meaningful monitoring and proactive maintenance functions. Choose faster scans and let the system do the work for youthere is no need for additional reference traces or for long and complicated configuration sessions.
Whatever the Degradation, NQMSfiber Tracks It Down