FTB-85100G Packet Blazer

EXFOs 40G/100G integrated multiservice testing solution for carrier labs and the NEM market.

Key Features
  • 40G/100G Ethernet fully compliant with IEEE 802.3ba standard and OTU3/OTU4 as per ITU-T G.709 and OC-768/STM-256 testing capabilities all in a single module
  • OTU3/OTU4 and OTU3e1/e2 with forward error correction (FEC) and optical transport layer (OTL) testing capabilities as software options
  • 40G/100G Ethernet mapping over OTN, OTU3/OTU4 single and multistage multiplexing, and ODUflex capabilities for transponder and muxponder testing
  • 40G/100G IP trafc at 100% transmission with full Ethernet statistics, clear pass/fail verdicts, packet capture and advanced trafc ltering capabilities
  • Enhancing the 40G/100G Ethernet stack with support for IPv6 protocol capability for transition IP stack testing
  • Faster Ethernet service activation with EtherSAM (ITU-T Y.1564) service configuration and performance tests, as well as RFC 2544 test suites complemented by remote discovery, Smart Loopback and dual-test-set capabilities
  • 40G/100G Ethernet traffic generation and monitoring with up to 16 fully configurable streams to simulate a multiservice offering and complete QoS results to fully qualify SLA parameters
  • Fully integrated testing capabilities for assessing CFP MSA optical modules and physical-layer performance: PCS into CAUI/XLAUI, logical into physical mappings, skew testing, advanced signal conditioning and full MDIO access
  • Single instrument for Carrier lab qualications and NEM applications with 40G/100G multiservice offering, remote management, predened user congurations and complete automation capabilities