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PCB TroubleShooting - Unique low cost short locator

QT-25 is used to detect exact short circuit locations across VCC - GND or a shorted component connected across a Bus. It can also detect hair-line shorts between PCB tracks. Ideally PCB tracks are supposed to have zero resistance, but in actual conditions they have small resistance. The exact location of the short is where the instrument reads the lowest value of resistance in micro - milli ohms range.

QT-25/offers Offset Mode, where the residual resistance of a shorted Component or nodes can be offset digitally, so that the instrument can be used at the Higher sensitive range of 200 milli-ohms in order to locate the shors.

QT-25 is designed to apply a constant current with a stimulus voltage of less than 200 millivolts so as to avoid turning onthe semiconductor devices in the circuit. The system comes with 2 sharp probes to poke through the insulation or solder mask in order to make a good contact.
QT-25 uses 4-wire measurement technique for accuracy.
QT-25 can also be used in measuring the contact resistance of switches and relays in its milli-ohm mode.
Resistance dependant, modulated frequency audio tone output (whose pitch increases with decreasing resistance value) is also provided.
Standalone bench top instrument.
16 Character LCD Display and easy controls.
4 wire resistance measurement
Complimenting modulated audio tone.
Resistance range of 200 milliohms, 2 ohms and 200 ohms.
100 micro ohm resolution in 200 milli ohm range.
Offset offset capability upto 200 ohms.